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The Ryerson Engineering Student Society is affiliated with over 30 engineering student groups. Students groups are organizted into one of four categories: Course Unions, Design Teams, Chapter Organizations, and Hobby Groups.


Course Unions


Office: KHE 040 E

The Aerospace Course Union, or ACU for short, is an academic student group representing all undergraduate students enrolled in Aerospace Engineering at Ryerson. The ACU is run by an executive team of undergraduate students whose main goal is to serve the interests of Aerospace Engineering students. This is accomplished through different events that are coordinated throughout the school year. These events start as early as the beginning of each academic year, where the ACU hosts an orientation for all incoming Aerospace Engineering students where they have a chance to meet professors from the Aerospace Department, as well as get to know their fellow classmates for the upcoming years. The ACU also hosts networking events to give students an opportunity to meet representatives from the Aerospace Industry such as, Bombardier Aerospace, and MacDonald Dettwiler Space and Advanced Robotics.

Twitter: RyersonACU 


Office: EPH 116

Ryerson’s Mechanical Engineering Course Union (abbreviated MECU) is a student union dedicated to helping all mechanical engineering students attending Ryerson University.  MECU focuses on guiding students throughout their academic career, whilst hosting fun and exciting events for anyone to join and participate in.  The MECU team is composed of friendly and diligent executives and directors that can be approached for assistance.  To learn more about the team, visit the About Us page or for more information, visit the official Ryerson MECU website.


Office: EPH 114 

The Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE) Ryerson Student Chapter and the Industrial Engineering Course Union (IECU) are composed of a joint team of students promoting the awareness, education and professional development of industrial engineering on campus. Together the IECU and IIE will be hosting a variety of events including awareness nights with industry professionals, plant tours, social events, academic workshops and participation in the IIE National Conference.

Office: EPH 114


Facebook Page:


This year the Ryerson Chemical Engineering will be hosting its annual Industry Night during both semester and will be looking to host multiple events to get all years of Chemical Engineering. Our presidents this year have a strong Focus on UNITY as we hope to change the Chem Union forever. To get all years involved in the union's events. Expand networking to other universities. Skill workshops.

Design Teams


The Ryerson Rocketry Club (RRC) is committed to the design, manufacturing and launching of high powered rockets. The main focus of the club is to collaboratively design and manufacture a rocket to be used at the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition each year in Utah. The rockets we design can stand some 12 feet tall, weigh over 70 lbs. and break the sound barrier in the blink of an eye. For more information or video footage, check out our Facebook page, visit our website or come see us in the shop!

Twitter: @RyersonRockets

Facebook Page:



Ryerson's Free Flight team is an engineering design group that takes part in the annual glider competition held by the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI). As the name suggests the team is responsible for the design and manufacturing of a model glider that can sustain flight without the aid of any radio controls and is therefore to be hand launched. The entire construction and design process of this glider is a great learning and application experience for students from all years of study. 

If you want to be a part of the team or want to drop by and learn something new, find us in the Design Zone or shoot us an email.
Ryerson Baja Racing
The Ryerson SAE Baja team strives to combine functional design and innovation culminating in a high-performance off road vehicle. The team is open to Ryerson students of all disciplines and academic backgrounds. Our annually-redesigned vehicle is tested in a formal SAE competition where the team competes against vehicles from all over the world in a series of dynamic and static events.
Ryerson Formula Racing
Ryerson Formula Racing is an Engineering-led student team that designs, manufactures and comperes and opened-wheeled style race car in FSAE events. Welcoming and working with students from all faculties and disciplines, RFR competes in Society of Automotive Engineers' (SAE) events around the world.
What is FSAE ?
Formula SAE competitions consist of rigorous and challenging "dynamic" and "static" events that test various aspects of the car. Hosted by the international Society of Automotive Engineers, the competitions welcome up to 120 teams from around the world, and are attended by and extensive network of engineering industry professionals. As a result of the competitions/ mandates and judging structures, students and sponsors are exposed to the world renowned companies
Twitter @RyersonFRacing
Instagram @RyersonFormulaRacing  
Ryerson Rams Robotics (R3)
The Ryerson Rams Robotics (R3) is a robotics collective aimed at promoting and enhancing robotics education for Ryerson students, by having member’s design, build, and compete in robotics related challenges and competitions. R3 seeks to provide useful hands on experience through the process of design while allowing students to collaborate with other like-minded students as well industry professionals. R3 open to Ryerson students of any major including those with no robotics experience. 
One of R3’s best accomplishments to date was the creation of RamsBot, Ryerson University’s own basketball-shooting robot as featured during a Toronto Raptors game, as well as Discovery’s Daily Planet.


Ryerson Supermileage
The Ryerson Supermileage team strives to combine digital design, theoretical calculations, as well as metal and composite fabrication, culminating in a high-efficiency, single passenger vehicle. The team is open to Ryerson students of all disciplines and academic backgrounds. Our annually-redesigned vehicle is tested in a formal SAE competition in Marshall, Michigan each June, where our team competes against vehicles from all over the world on a specified course. Vehicles are graded based on fuel economy (miles per gallon) and overall design. Each year our team strives to place competitively, while increasing awareness for fuel economy in automotive design.
Ryerson Concrete Canoe
The Ryerson Concrete Canoe team consists of engineering students from all disciplines whose aim is to design and construct a floatable concrete canoe. This process involves extensive research and analysis in different areas of concrete mix design, hull design and structural analysis. 
The team participates in the Canadian National Concrete Canoe Competition (CNCCC) every year  to showcase the canoe and race with other university teams.



IEEE is the world's largest professioanl association dedicated to advancing technological innocation and excellence for the benefit of humanity. IEEE Ryerson is dedicated to giving the proper reources for Ryerson Engineering to succeed as engineering leaders. This includes Industry Night, course tutorials, lab clincs, programming tutorials, conferences, and so much more.



The Canadian Society for Civil engineering: Ryerson Chapter or otherwise known as CSCE: Ryerson chapter serves as the representative entity for the national CSCE. The aim of this club is to connect professional civil engineers and students within a friendly and educational community. Furthermore the club aims to expand their member’s knowledge on civil engineering projects, explore career options in academic and industrial worlds, and develop new skills that can help them in their future professions.


The Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineers (CSME) is an active student group at Ryerson which functions both at national and region level. Members of our cohort are able to pursue their specific interests in engineering and design. Throughout the school year we hold various events and sessions which allow our members to expand their knowledge in their engineering streams and also network with fellow professors, alumni, and engineering students. Some events we are holding this year include SolidWorks and MATLAB seminars, plant tours, networking nights with alumni and study/course aid sessions.



Engineerings Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders strives to raise awareness about and improve the quality of life of people living in poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa. We focus on systemic solutions on the macro level, rather than small scale projects, to help as many people as possible. By doing this we aim to fix the root cause of the problems facing those in need. 

At Ryerson we host a wide variety of events, including workshops and competitions, aimed at educating students from all walks of life about global issues. Our initiatives with in the Ryerson community include:
- Political Advocacy 
- Global Engineering
- Member Learning
- Youth Outreach
- Fair Trade 

Interest Groups

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